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And, I promise you, if you read through the entire thing, you’ll never have to look at another Pad Thai recipe. A few other recipes I came across would have us make four or more portions of Pad Thai at once –which, I can guarantee you will result in clumps of oily, sticky noodle unfit for human consumption.The textures and flavors of a proper Pad Thai derive largely from the way the dish is cooked, that is to say its quick footloose dance in an ultra hot wok.If you substitute white and/or brown sugar for the Palm Sugar, you should use only about 1/3 cup.Melt all these together in a small pot over a low flame.Check out every inch of their bodies, as Thai babes of all shapes and sizes wait for you inside.

My friends get a kick out of that, yours might too.Your friends and dinner guests must be a bit patient, but they will kiss you in the end Another common mistake in a Pad Thai recipe is to season while cooking in the wok, which once again get in the way of that super-heated wok-quickstep I mentioned before.If you follow those recipes that have you measure a tablespoon of fish sauce and one of tamarind and yet another of palm sugar into the hot wok during the cooking, you are –it pains me to say- doomed to failure.I don’t know…perhaps it’s because I don’t actually better than a recipe.It’s in fact a fool-proof way to make Pad Thai -Pad Thai for just about anyone from beginners to experts. I could easily write a very short description and make everything look and sound easy -but that means I’d be leaving you to figure out the details on your own.

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