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We want to be inspired and serve as the venue to inspire others.

This week starts our new blog series we call (more…) BDJ Summit Overview After attending the Belle de Jour BDJ Summit Women Help Women I felt inspired and proud to be Pinay.

Our mission is to help you be beautiful inside and out.

After years of featuring pinays who shine online and in (more…) Babaylanism is a form of organic feminism. Even as a child, I know that Filipinas are powerful.

They have their own voices but they could do immense sacrifices for the sake of their loved ones. My grandmother Lorena was (more…) This is a 2-part article from Dr.

Leaning over, I kiss her deeply, and tweak her nipples before I stood and left the room. Once you've done that, you're 'in' and ready to start enjoying yourself to the fullest.

Binaba ako ni kuya Carlos sa kanyang likod ito pala ang kapalit.

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