Plus size dating confidence

The people, who tell me that my body-type is inferior, have no idea what my body can do.

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Jane Janeczko, a journalism and art student at Northwestern University, has always loved fashion.

I could fake a cinched waist, I thought, and I could wear skirts to hide my chubby thighs… Even in the scorching summer heat, I wore fashion shrugs and light cardigans to hide my biceps.

This is a truly miserable way to spend the hot months. Many fiercely real-sized girls are embarrassed when it comes to summer fashion because this means they’ll be bearing their marks via bikinis, shorts, and tanks.

Winter contains classic pea-coats, adorable scarves, and endless warming hair accessories.

Spring is all pastels, figure-flattering dresses, and leggings… Somehow, this hot and sunny, blue-skied, fashion-forward season can have even the fittest girl wanting to hit the fast-forward button.

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