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One month later, he was back in Portland - in Multnomah County Jail, where state laws forced his jailers to turn him loose without handing him over to ICE.

He is now charged with two counts of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, two counts of second-degree assault, one count of kidnapping, two counts of burglary, two counts of robbery, three counts of first-degree sexual abuse, and one count of first-degree sodomy.

Earlier this year, he told jail staff that he drinks four to six 24 oz 'tall boy' beers every day day.

In the past, he said he has consumed as many as 10 beers per day, according to KOIN.

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Yet the local officials released him the next day in defiance of the federal immigration detainer, an agency spokeswoman told the Oregonian.It sold one of his houses for less than half the assessed value – ostensibly to cover the cost of his care while hospitalized, which would have been thousands of dollars a month.It tried to sell the other house but only after failing to winterize it over the winter, which diminished its worth.Her passing wasn’t sudden – she was 102 – but it plunged Dean into a deep depression that escalated to paranoia and hallucinations. Dean, then in his late 60s, already lived with Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism that gave him savant-like musical abilities but also made social situations difficult and made it hard for him to live alone.In May 2012 he checked into the emergency department at Pen Bay Medical Center in Rockport for an evaluation.

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