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Father in Heaven, I know I add fuel to the fire in my relationships because I am needy myself. Thank You that You see me as I truly am and that You still love me. If your unmet needs are showing up in your relationships, talk to a mentor, friend, or a counselor to work through some of these issues. It’s a natural tendency to want God to change the other person.

Please help me to see myself honestly, and to own my own part in this conflict before I point my finger. Pray for patience as you encounter the unmet needs in others, and regularly ask God for His help. Help me to see myself differently and to allow You to love me and to change me. Yet the reality is that you can only change yourself.

Please give me insight into my own needs and give me patience as I encounter needs in the ones I love. Lord God, I so often feel inadequate without even realizing it. Help me to find my confidence in Your strength and in Your forgiveness. Sometimes just realizing what words and situations make you feel “less than” is enough to begin the journey of change.

The disapproval I pour out on others often stems from my own insecurity. Other times you may need help seeing yourself differently. Find ways to give approval more often to those around you.

You must decide before you go on the date what your limits will be.

Help me to remember that your grace is sufficient to not only save me from sin, but to sustain me each and every day. Help me to know more of the joy that comes from knowing you.That place of waiting is a place we are all familiar with. The Psalmist cried out to God in prayer and so should we. All things are in your control and nothing can happen apart from your will. You know why this is happening and will use it for your glory and my good.It's a place we find ourselves in often over the course of our lives. If you are in a place of waiting, this prayer is for you. Not a sparrow falls to earth without your willing it to and you know the number of hairs on my head. Forgive me for how I have worried about this situation.Though it's a familiar place and one we know well, we can often grow wearing in our waiting. Father in Heaven, I come before you with my heart filled with so many different thoughts and feelings. I am worried about what happens next and whether I have the strength to handle it. Forgive me for doubting your love and care in my life.Sometimes our hearts grow heavy with worry and doubt. I am tense and uncertain about what I should be doing and where I should go. Forgive me for my discontentment as I wait for what happens next. Forgive me for not seeking after you and for allowing these circumstances in my life to seem greater than your grace and goodness. Help me to see the counterfeit loves and idols in my heart.

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