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Then select “Quantity Field”; enter “3” in the “Fixed/Variable” column and enter the relevant quantity value field.Anytime you make a posting to the relevant general ledger account and enter a quantity and unit of measure, this quantity will be passed to CO-PA.You can do this by going to transaction KEI1 or via the configuration menu path: Controlling - Maintain PA Transfer Structure for FI Postings.Highlight the relevant PA transfer structure (configured in transaction KEVG6) and double-click on the “Assignment Lines” folder.Assigning Quantity fields from Sales Documents: This is the most common assignment that is made, because most of the postings in CO-PA come from sales documents.You will therefore want to map the sales quantity that led to the revenue postings from billing documents or sales orders (if you have activated Transfer of Incoming Sales Orders using transaction KEKF) by going to transaction KE4M or by accessing the following configuration menu path: Controlling - Assign Quantity Fields.Most sales and contribution margin reports contain these quantity values (for example Net Weight of products sold) in order provide the appropriate context for the reported revenue and cost of sales figures.I will discuss the three main areas where you can make assignments to quantity fields in CO-PA: 1.

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Before creation of material master record, you need to configure material type and assign material type to a material while creating the material master record.In the ensuing screen, click on “New Entries” and enter the sales quantity fields and the corresponding value fields that you want to map them to.Anytime you post a sales document, the sales quantities will be updated in CO-PA. Assigning Quantity Fields from Manufacturing Orders: When you produce a product using production orders, process orders, product cost collectors, etc., you can transfer the quantity produced to CO-PA by going to transaction KEI1 or via the configuration menu path: Controlling - Define PA Transfer Structure for Variance Settlement.Paul is a featured speaker at the Controlling 2017 conference.In this SAP MM tutorial, you will learn how to create material types in SAP step step using transaction code OMS2.

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