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The caveman inspired diet gives the green light to anything our ancestors might have been able to gather on their own. The diet omits anything that doesn’t fall into the hunter/gatherer scenario so pizza, sweets, and anything processed is a no.For someone who closely follows the paleo diet choosing a meal on the fly can be challenging or uninspiring.Rebecca has the right ingredients for a successful life and shares them with you in her colourful new recipe book Shine Inside and Out: 1 Cup of Romancing your taste buds 1 Pinch of Humouring y[...] Delicious!Our good friend and Living Foods Goddess Rebecca Kane has given us her wonderful recipe for RAW Strawberry Tarts!

According to the site over 400 people join each month.on location in stunning Portugal at the incredible hotel Vivenda Miranda.Here is part one of 2 clips and we chat about wh[...] How To Make A Raw Food Breakfast Rebecca Kane, raw food chef and founder of Shine on Raw shows us how to make porridge with blueberries and nutmilk You will need: 2 cups (7/8 pint) soaked oats 1 cups (1/2 pint) walnuts 2 cups (7/8 pint) water 2 dates 1 handful of blueberries (opt[...] Exciting stuff if you are like me and into yummy raw foods as our super Veggie Vision friend Rebecca Kane – "Raw Food Royalty" - presenter and author of 2 books Turning Your Shine On and Shine Inside and Out has just launched her new FREE interactive app – and within weeks it has ha[...] When I was promoting having a Veggie Christmas a few years ago several journalists were so pleased to tell me that I was telling them to try Vegan MICE Pies.... You know I am partial to a Mince Pie (or 2) – my hubby usually starts to buy or make some around September – h[...] So pleased for our great friend Rebecca Kane as she launches her super new raw vegan cook book..... dating site How About We is not limited to food but it does make it easy to set searches based on interests.Food happens to be a pretty popular interest so it’s easy to connect with people sharing similar tastes.

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