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To many, the show aged well, dodging a great deal of the tropes commonly associated with with a long running series that begins to lose steam.However, it did suffer from getting Screwed by the Network by being pre-empted a lot and later episodes changed the personalities of a lot of characters (Peggy, as of the episodes "Peggy's Fan Fair" and "Lupe's Revenge", had her ego inflated and her comprehension of the Spanish language deflated, "Get Your Freak Off" and "Harlottown" exaggerated Hank's desire for Bobby to have a wholesome childhood in the face of a society that praises sex and sleaze and tries to push it on younger audiences, and Luanne went from trying to run from her trailer trash, dysfunctional life to embracing it when she married Lucky the redneck).But why limit yourself to those two treats when there are so many others worth trying.Get ready for the next generation of reality TV – naked dating.His family includes his wife, Peggy (a Small Name, Big Ego if there ever was one, at least in the later episodes; the earlier ones had her being a little more sane), his son, Bobby (who, according to Hank, is "not right," judging by the fact that Bobby is more interested in comedy and performing arts rather than sports), and his niece, Luanne Platter (who grew up in a dysfunctional, trailer trash family and has moved in with the Hills in order to rise above her violent upbringing).Hank also has plenty of conflicts with his father, Cotton, a misogynistic World War II veteran (who had both of his shins blown off by a Japanese soldier during an ambush).The only time he thinks about it is when someone brings it up.Right after school starts and the leaves start falling, people in Seattle get anxious for pumpkin spice lattes and classic pumpkin pie.

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A lot of the humor in the series comes from the fact that Hank's a gigantic stick in the mud.

His friends, who are also his neighbors, include down-and-out divorced Army barber Bill Dauterive, cuckolded Conspiracy Theorist and pest exterminator Dale Gribble, and Boomhauer, a womanizing motormouth whose job was unknown until a last-second reveal in the series finale.

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