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(BIOL 0145) (This course counts as an elective for the MBBC major) SCI (J.Merkle, visiting winter term instructor)Julie Merkle is an American Cancer Society-funded postdoctoral research fellow from the Department of Molecular Biology at Princeton University.Greeley)BIOL 0211 Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis Experimental design is one of the most important parts of doing science, but it is difficult to do well. How many replicate petri plates should be inoculated?If I am measuring temperature in a forest, where do I put the thermometer?In addition to the goals stated for that course there will be extra emphasis on cultural skills during winter term. Whose rights are affected by protected areas and who decides governance criteria?Theobjectives of this course include providing students with an understanding of human-environment relations theory by addressing the regional specifics of modern environmental and social histories of these countries.

Skits, oral presentations, writing assignments, and cultural activities are also part of this course.In what ways does ethnic humor facilitate conversations about conflicts and controversies in ways that bring about new understanding and solidarities, or lay bare societal fissures? Saylor)In this course we will begin with an environmental history of Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, asking suchquestions as: How does politics affect conservation practice?How does comedy imbue the person holding the mic with the power to grapple with, and even transgress, social and political norms? Finley)Arabic ARBC 0102 Beginning Arabic IIThis course is an intensive continuation of ARBC 0101. To what extent are formulations of nature constructed socially and politically?For Winter 2018, we will focus on a “relic chair” of the Henry Sheldon Museum.Following the style of the classic Windsor chair and its democratic associations (Windsor chairs famously populate Independence Hall and were the seats of choice for those writing and debating the Constitution), Henry Sheldon crafted this particular chair using at least twenty-five different kinds of wood; each spindle comes from a famous landmark, ship, site, or artifact.

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