Response online dating messages

the person is the person is a stalker, or following a big fight in which you break up), I’m generally of the opinion that this isn’t a progressive social technique.In my opinion it’s more indicative of social immaturity, and a desire to ‘win the break up’. In a similar vein, ‘I’m busy’ type responses can be used as a less confrontational alternative to saying ‘I’m not interested’.It hard to tell whether: can suggest an alternative date.

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The problem is, not everyone may be aware of etiquette to suggest the alternative, and instead for example be too shy to suggest the date alternative themselves, or be assuming that the other will continue to initiate requests.For the person who’s message isn’t being replied to, it can be difficult to decide how to proceed.By the nature of a no-reply it can be hard to tell whether: (they see the message, but don’t get around to replying to it and eventually forget, or they remember later but it feels to awkward to reply then).Tinder provides a good mechanism for this kind of rejection – by unmatching the person it both sends a clear signal that you’re interested, as well as not allowing them to send another message protecting you from any abuse.If we can accept that a no-reply in this context is socially acceptable, and not rude, then we can extend it to include real life dating and social interaction as well.

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