Rich dating age man victorian england

The butler's jobs were to supervise the footmen, be in charge of the wine cellar, taking care of the "plate" and announcing visitors when occasion called for it.The housekeeper's jobs were to supervise the maids, make preserves, serve tea and coffee, order and keep the household accounts and was responsible for the linen.A small household would probably only be able to afford a maid-of-all-work, a girl who cooked, cleaned, scrubbed, mended, looked after the children, and got to stay in the kitchen while the family went out or enjoyed themselves in the parlor.

The groom looked after the horses and the gardener was in charge of landscaping and indoor plants.The gamekeeper was responsible for raising and protecting the game and taking the master and guests hunting and shooting.Indoor servants consisted of a butler, housekeeper, maids and footmen.Running a house in the 19th century was nearly impossible without at least one servant.Sometimes people showed off by having more servants than they needed, for, just like land and carriages, servants were a sure sign of wealth.

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