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, starring Rodrigo Santoro, Jennifer Lopez, and Cameron Diaz, is the new comedy about the joys and woes about parenting and the power of fatherhood – something that the Brazilian actor's character tries to embrace.

Check it out below: We are so excited about your movie .

He’s a musician and I act, but we have that creativity in common." As a couple, you guys are facing challenges with starting a family and are thinking about adopting. She told me, 'Let’s have a good time and make the couple full of energy.' I think that was a good basis for our performance – especially when conflict starts to bubble up after she decides to adopt. One day we were filming and [Lopez] and I were suppose to be very playful and affectionate and the director joked and said, 'You guys, I think you are doing too much. ' And we said, 'Well, we are just playing the couple here.' And we laughed about it. There’s nothing more than that to it." Would you say romantic comedies are more fun for you to film? It was light and fun." Would you like to have kids someday?

I feel like I don’t have enough experience yet to decide whether I enjoy them more, but they are fun to film. "Right now I’m single." As an actor you maintain yourself very fit and active, what are some of your indulgences?

Anyway, the tabloids are ignoring the Ben Affleck thing this week, probably because there are new photos of Jennifer Lopez working on the Atlanta set of Jennifer Lopez was seen talking “intensely” to a tall, dark-haired man in a dimly lit parking lot.In 2001, he began dating Fernanda Lima but they broke up soon after.He then began dating model Ellen Jabour in 2003 and broke up after a four year long relationship.After their break up, Rodrigo began dating Luana Piovani and stayed in the relationship for 3 years.In the mean time there were strong rumors about him having an affair with Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen which was later denied by both parties.

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