Ryan johnson actor dating

Though they are divorced, Dwayne and Dany continue to be good parents, devoted business partners and close friends.

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Dwayne Johnson married a woman, yes he divorced her but he moved on to be with another woman.

Speaking to Good Weekend, Ryan revealed his wife has never written a sex scene for him, joking other screenwriters would have had him and on-screen wife Charlie, played by Nicole de Silva, 'jumping into bed'.

Ryan said it was by pure luck they both ended up working on Doctor Doctor together.

Now in its second season, Ryan plays Matt Knight, the younger brother of hedonistic doctor Hugh Knight, played by Rodger Corser.

'Tamara has never written me a sex scene in the show, usually the scene will end with my on-screen wife Charlie [Nicole de Silva] resting her head on my shoulder,' Ryan said. ' The actor also revealed Tamara had found his kissing scenes 'a bit confronting' at first and forced him to tell her the smooches were 'horrible'.

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