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Tune in and call off work because this episode is sick!-Model-actress Julia Voth of Resident Evil fame is into cool stuff like cosplay and gaming, but what she does to pass her time at Burning Man was enough to make even Kevin blush. -Actor-comedian Ari Shaffir held nothing back on Pointless today.The show debuted in 2005 as a replacement for ZDTV's (then Tech TV, then G4Tech TV, and finally G4) .The hosts were Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey, and the show was formerly co-hosted by Olivia Munn, and before her Kevin Rose, Sarah Lane and Brendan Moran.Dearest Diary, it's been ages since our last correspondence.Over the past few weeks, I've been working on myself and my career and I'd like to fill you all in.Jim Hefner and Kevin talk about the science of sensory deprivation and its benefits.Jim founded his float tank facilities Just Float back in 2013 in Pasadena, CA and has since then grown it into a mainstream industry pushing forward a unique method .

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Kevin's partner in crime Yaniv Fituci finally got in front the mic on a very special Pointless Podcast.

They told tales of #Brosta Rica, their history as friends, and what the future holds for The Attack.

Watch as Casey discusses his creative process, life musings, and a special Pointless Podcast exclusive.

This year I launched a new production company and built out a full studio to create shows for Comic-Con HQ. Here’s my honest, albeit rambling untangling of the last two weeks.

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