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It currently uses Miller's dating scheme on all its products, but bottles still have a second code stamped on their bottoms.

Plank Road also uses Miller's manufactuer number, 34100.

Well aging beer is unfortunately not as simple as letting a beer sit on a store shelf.

Beer only ages correctly under the proper conditions.

Also generally speaking, unless otherwise noted, most dates on beers are pull dates, not born on dates.

big brewery in Wisconsin, brewer of many brands (Hamm's, Henry Weinhard's, Icehouse™, Leinenkugel®, Löwenbräu, Magnum®, Meister Bräu®, Miller®, Milwaukee's Best®, Northstone™, Olde English, Red Dog™, Sharp's®, Skyy Blue malt beverage, and, Southpaw™) place a two-line production code on all packaging.

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The first five digits of the first line are an expiration date in MMDDY format -- beer dated before 11167 is past date. It's important, because two other breweries on this page are subsidiaries of Milller. More details about Miller product dates are available on a separate page.

"Plank Road Brewery" is the original name of the Miller Brewery, dredged up from the depths of history to brew four brands (Icehouse, Northstone, Red Dog, and Southpaw) so people will think they're buying beer from a microbrewery. Until mid-1996, Plank Road was using Miller's regular dating code on boxes and cartons, but not on bottles or cans.

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