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The trip was deemed a success…I had won the bet hands down and I returned to ‘business as usual’ when the fabulous week was over or so I thought.

However the next week or so changed my life forever.

During that time we did numerous dives to these watery gravesites and most of the divers drawn to this diving were either single or married but buddyless (the spouse did not dive) and they were guys! I laughed and said it just wasn’t a ‘chick magnet’ destination but if we did a trip to say Cozumel…well that would be a different story.

I told him the problem and he said “Darling, you don’t have a problem…you have a business!

The founder of Single, Kamala is a seasoned Divemater who is also trained in technical diving.

She has a unique perspective in dive travel - for both single AND married but buddyless divers.

It was 1995 and I’d been diving for almost 3 years.

I got a lot of diving in during that time as I had a great boss who let me dive before and after work assignments as I traveled extensively and was rarely home.

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