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I know that you shouldn't do loads of stomach exercises if your muscles are still seperated which mine are.

I am concentrating on my posture because I keep shrugging and bending over like a right old gal since I was pregnant.

i wont go out the house without my big knickers on!! i am a size 12 hips, 10 top and it really is awful still. I started them in the hospital and did them for the 6 weeks until post-natal check up when GP confirmed muscles back together.

(im only 25) i also never wear trousers as i feel i can hide it better under a skirt, aslong as its the right shape. I then started Mr Motivator video and did the abs section daily to the point I wrecked the video it really pulled my tummy in and it was better than before I had kids.

id love to wear a pencil skirt but it makes my belly look like it hangs down to my knees!! i was so fit and flat tummy before had my sons and c-section make you tummy even worse...dnt give up coz now after 2 years had my son and 6 moth pilates is when my tummy getting better!!!! I also lost all the baby weight through breastfeeding and just a few months on I was better than pre kids. VBAC delivery with him though, so at least no section wound.

ohh sorry sarah...was the same and like i say pilates is really good and my tummy is lot better..why dnt try that ? is bit jelly but not hanging down like before.......i hope this help xx Hi everyone!! Again I got home from the hospital and got straight back into excersising.

We need flat stomachs along with the ability to eat chocolate without childbirth or calories affecting us!

hi everyone iv had 2 c sections and also have the saggy flap lol i think i may hav seperated muscles as i can feel the 2 seperate muscles either side and a gap in the middle also hav great bulge between the muscles that wont go no matter what i do does any1 know if theres anything u can do about this hello everyone i had 2 c-section both go wrong and have now jelly tummy horrible and my belly botton is a joke but need to say that i started 2 moth ago exercise my core with pilates and diet and improve a lot ,,,,,i know never go to get my tummy like before but i can promes is getting a lot better....up is a wasted of time...better pilates and use a ball and it work...xxxxx its 4 years since my c-section and im lighter now than before i had my 3 children, a dress size smaller than ive ever been but i still have to horrible hangy-over tummy!! I wear spanx pants if wearing something like a dress... i am hoping this will lessent he "overhang" but dont think i will ever get rid completely. and have been playing the Hula hoops and running ones lots with my son and h2b.... I had split stomach muscles after my first (born by C Section) I was given a fantastic leaflet by the hospital with exercises to do to pull them back in.thanks Dawn x HI like many ladies who have had c-secs my tummy is shot too peices and i have a lot fo hanging loose skin over my scar.thanks Dawn x Hi Dawn, I dont know of any sorry hun, but i just wanted to say ive had 3 c-secs! ) so im in the same boat as you, so if you find anything that works please let me know.Other ways are siting watching tv at home and 'sucking' in your tummy, hold for a minute, let go and repeat as often as you are able.Walking and lying on your back and 'cycling' all help too.

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