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• Cristie Dobson, Management and Program Assistant, FBI, NCAVC, for her talent and time spent copyediting this document and for her work on the cover art.• Assistant Director Michael J. Stephen Tidwell for their support of this project and for their willingness to dedicate the resources necessary for its successful completion.

Foreword The topic of serial murder occupies a unique niche within the criminal justice community.

Our hope is that it will give you new ideas and new resources as you continue your important work.

The FBI is committed to contributing to the understanding of these horrific acts.

I would like to thank all those who participated for their willingness to share their dedication, time and expertise.

I believe it will be invaluable to our collective ability to understand, respond to, and hopefully prevent, serial murder.• Pamela Hairfield and Wilma Wulchak, Management and Program Analysts, FBI, NCAVC, for their skill, dedication, and perseverance in successfully handling the countless administrative tasks associated with the Symposium.

Campers are encouraged to exhibit their creativity in our large and well-supplied crafts building.

Swimming is in Lake York under the supervision of a certified lifeguard and numerous staff.

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The primary mission of the NCAVC is to provide behaviorally-based, operational support to federal, state, local, and international law enforcement agencies involved in the investigation of unusual or repetitive violent crimes, communicated threats, terrorism, and other matters of interest to law enforcement.

Camp is also registered as a Public Charity with the South Carolina Secretary of State.

We are also recognized in The Official Catholic Directory as a miscellaneous institution located in the Diocese of Charleston.

Until the Serial Murder Symposium, however, there had been few attempts to reach a consensus on some of these issues.

This monograph presents the findings and collective wisdom of a multidisciplinary group of experts, who brought their individual experience and insights to the same table.

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