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by Elisa Carbone – – It’s bad enough that Sarah has to start fifth grade in a new school in Maryland, far away from her old life and friends in Maine.

She runs away and discovers both hardship and friendship posing as an adult aboard a commercial fishing boat.Keeping your skin hydrated (and clean) keeps your pores from producing oil." --Rachel, 14, Rocky Hill, CTBrighten Up Your Look with Natural Makeup!Emotional bullying, like ridicule or exclusion, seems to be more common than physical violence, and from what most kids say, it can also be the most difficult type of bullying to cope with or prove.By Chris Lynch – Thirteen-year-old Earl Pryor is much too big for his age, and much too powerful for the anger that rages within him when classmates tease him, the girl he likes disappoints him, or his parents’ problems get too real.Other suggestions: : Bullying Prevention expert Stan Davis advises against choosing books in which the target of the bullying has to do all or most of the work in changing the situation, or ones in which the books just show how bad bullying is with no resolution.

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