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I wondered if this had to do with an exchange rate.Nevertheless, I'd become quite suspicious and started my research last night. The check was issued from USBank in MN and mailed from NY. They said they couldn't say anything either way with the information I provided. Martin an email last night stating US Bank cannot validate the availability of funds for that check and asking if he would he mind a different form of payment such as a money order.Will be waiting to read from you _________________________________________________________________________________ A few more e-mail exchanges took place and she shared her contact information, including business address with him at his request.Subsequently, she received a cashier’s check that was to be payment for the services he requested.

Can i contract your services for my pet,a Bolognese dog by the name Sophia? Thanks to pet sitter Stacey Evans, owner of The Pet Concierge in Maine, for sharing the information she received from a new scammer using the name “Jeffrey Martins” and e-mailing from a Hotmail address.Our 2 fishes on the other hand are my daughter's favorite One is a Fancy Goldfish, while the other is an Auratus Cichlid, Fin and Stiff, you will assist my daughter in their up keeping. Bonus will be paid if there are any overtime, If you believe you are fit for this position in as much you will prove yourself to be a reliable and good person, I will instruct my financial clerk to pay for the first week before our arrival so as to secure your service in advance and to show our commitment on our part. In response to your PETSIT Ad, my name is Mary I'm in DARE needs a pet sitter for my DOG. Also i will like to know if you can also help us run little errands before our arrival too..if you agree with us, our location will not be far from you which are the reason why we want to secure a pet sitter before our Agent get us a house the Keys and the description of the house will be mailed to you as soon as possible.Most pet sitters report receiving these scams by e-mail, but some have also received scams by text.While e-mail scams such as "Need Care for Bella" have been going around for a few years, many pet sitters reported receiving three new e-mails from scammers in March 2016.

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