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The City of Bisbee experienced a rude awakening on the morning of Oct.

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26, 1881, left the town with an immortalized piece of history, and a place on the map. the law and a shootout in a soon-to-be washed up silver mining town. Hunger gnaws at Cochise County citizens more than the average American.By Kylie Warren/ Arizona Sonora News | 0 comments In a building that can take you around the world and through time within hours, the permanent collection of the University of Arizona Museum of Art Archive of Visual Arts strategically begins to build one-of-a-kind exhibitions each year. Whether it is to avoid awkward elevator rides, seek information about the news, or look at the latest posts from family and friends, social media is turning into an avid routine for many people. Experts say not being bored is interrupting creativity, memories and productivity.The UA Museum of Art is the permanent home to over 6,000 pieces, from paintings, photographs, sculptures, and more. This is a generation that does not know how to be bored. Excessive social media use is detrimental to not only our relationships, but our physical and mental health. By Betsy Kaplan//Arizona Sonora News | 0 comments Each Thanksgiving Day, one of Arizona’s “48 Most Intriguing Women” becomes a clown.The shootout between Wyatt Earp, his brothers Virgil and Morgan, Doc Holliday against Billy Clanton, Tom and Frank Mc Laury and Billy Claiborne became the picture of vigilante justice in the Old West. The poverty rate in Cochise County is 18.7 percent, according to the 2016 U. Census Bureau compared to the national rate of 12.7 percent.This difference makes food banks and aid organizations increasingly important in Cochise County communities.

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    The two were engaged in May of 2013 after a year of dating.