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She writes: "I have to explain myself because you are accusing me of not doing my job and causing offence, when that is not my intention when all I have tried to do through out this whole conversation is help you get a better service from Sky, it is only through your reluctance to allow me to discuss this with you that has caused it to go on for so long."She says that it was not her intention "to upset, annoy or offend you today, I was simply trying to do my Job". Sky has said that it is reviewing its cancellation policy in the wake of a run of complaints from customers who were unable to get rid of their subscription.Rachael then blames Gavin for the delay, telling him that he is "the one who keeps going round in circles". ”He is then forced to tell Rachael that the chat will have to come to an end — after noting that “You are clearly not capable of doing your job! A spokesperson apologised for Hackwood’s experience and said that the company had already taken steps to make the cancellation process simpler.If you refuse to do this once more I will be contacting the CEO Office and will cancel the Direct Debit and issue a County Court Claim against Sky.Please cancel the account and stop wasting my time with stupid long drawn out questions.I have had enough.”But Rachael seems to tell Hackwood off for getting so irritated, telling him that the questions are not stupid and that he signed up for it himself."I am sorry you feel that way Gavin, I am not doing this to annoy you," she writes."I made it very clear that I would need to go through this for you before I could make any changes to your account and these are not stupid questions."Rachael also says that she is only asking him so many questions because she wants to help him out.

After that, Hackwood is forced to repeatedly argue with Sky’s customer services, including about whether he needs his internet connection.We offer the Premium Membership in following packages**: 3 months for 149.99 €, 6 months for 239.99 € and 12 months for 349.99 €.Payment will be charged to your i Tunes Account at confirmation of purchase.A man has released the transcript of what appears to be an infuriating chat to cancel his Sky subscription, spending 96 minutes in sending messages and still not managing to get his subscription cancelled.The full transcript, which was released by the Telegraph, shows the man getting increasingly irritated with Sky’s customer service as he attempts to cancel his subscription.

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