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The good news, however, is effective treatments are available. Please create an account to attend the chat and submit your questions. Somewhere close to half of all voters will cast a ballot for the nation’s first female president.What Trump has helped make stark and clear is that beyond the rampant harassment of women online, this quiet and pretty damn widespread thing has been happening IRL for a very long time."He would stand in the doorway, so there was no way for me to get past him without physical contact no matter how I tried or asked him to move."As we wrote in our call for stories, borrowing from the Silicon Valley ethos of letting information be free, WIRED believes shining a light on a festering topic like this can go a long way toward ensuring that the future for women is an optimistic one. "I think this is one of the greatest uses of the internet.I’m grateful for Twitter, as a platform, to get everyone out and talking.As WIRED prepared these emails for publication, men in the office expressed shock at how many women experienced repeated incidents of harassment, and how many of those incidents started when the women were teen-agers—victimized by middle-aged aggressors.One young woman was surprised by the number of stories written by men who'd been harassed by men or women.About a month ago, just after the release of a tape in which Donald Trump boasted of sexually assaulting women, Canadian author Kelly Oxford issued a call to action with a single tweet: "Women: tweet me your first assaults. I’m 12."By the end of the weekend more than 40 million people had visited Oxford's Twitter page."Honestly, I think we've all talked about these things in private," she says.

Others may feel a strong urge to urinate just before losing a large amount of urine. Incontinence can be slightly bothersome or totally debilitating.

And one young writer was dismayed by the pervasiveness of it all.

"I was raised in San Francisco, and worked at a Jewish summer camp where God was referred to by the female pronoun," he said.

It is the only way we could have had a conversation this large.

Maybe more people will discuss it now.”Indeed, they are.

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