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that others could understand the joy I get out of the "little things", the things I find great pleasure in. and friends who aren't judgy and actually know the meaning of the word it ****** me off when I'm vibing well with someone and they as what my sexuality is when I reply Panromantic Asexual they get the panromantic part but the asexual part throws them for a loop. but what make me say that i am asexual is many reasons:-1-have never had any sexual relationship before with any girl and always been avoiding them as i really respect that i am to one girl... It's really hard for people, expecially for boys to understand. We all knew what sex was and so forth, but we all considered it a stupid thing that decent people... Looking to develop a life-long, trust worthy friendship and also have kids through artificial means. sense of smell but everywhere you go people are spraying perfume in your face and when you ask them to stop and tell them it's irritating and you can't smell the perfume anyway they get huffy and respond with "Don't lie to me; I can clearly see you have a nose. I'm like an 18 year old just landed from a world of unicorns into a world of h0rny teenagers and perverted adults, oh not to mention the corrupted and damaged kids of the p0rnographic digital era! Hi, I'm a 23 year-old woman, a virgin, and I'd say I'm about 95% asexual.

The rape and sexual abuse online support group has specific forums for men and women, teens and older survivors, LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning) rape and sexual abuse survivors, and friends and family of survivors.

I am a totally blind from birth, bisexual Christian.

My attractions stem from the sound of a person's voice, the smell of their cologne or perfume, the feel of their soft hands, how affectionate they are, (I really need lots of affection), the way they treat me, (treat me like a princess, and I'll probably fall like a pack of cards), even the sound of a lovely name.

I've spent several years now really trying to get myself to... even longer than that, I've felt like a complete out cast. All my friends either had boyfriends or people who they liked and talked to but when it came to me I had a hard time trying to like anyone.

I always knew I was a bit different but I figured it was just social anxiety and being extremely self disciplined. I am 5,11 tall, 170 lbs, dark brown hair with green eyes.

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