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"I was stunned when I heard the Symphony had selected Leslie as its chair," says one charged-up new boardmember. " Both Woods and Chihuly have strong strategic focus, looking well beyond the next donor luncheon to creating a consistent and modernized image.

Morlot's youth (he's 38) and easy charm are one dimension.

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(A rule of thumb is that an endowment ought to be three times the annual budget, or triple the current size.) This endowment is used as collateral against the million line of revolving credit the orchestra has with USB, and it is part of the reason that the institution is pinched for working capital.

Another possibly serious hurdle is the labor agreement with the symphony musicians, whose current contract expires on August 31.

In the past two rounds, these negotiations have been excruciating and bitter.

There was a lot of damage to be overcome, lending urgency to the rapid reinvention of the SSO.

The past years of accumulating deficits have produced a total deficit of (gulp) million.

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