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Occasionally a woman rolls her eyes about a creep proposing rough sex.Several people remark on the strange fact that lots of the young men living out this fantasy of promiscuity seem to be struggling with impotence (or "erectile dysfunction").Others packed up and moved when the air got too thick or too nasty for their little ones to handle.Many more relocated after being bought out by the bigwigs over at the oil plant next door. Nobody here but me,” Sims said from her kitchen table in Standard Heights, an African American neighborhood along the fence line of Exxon Mobil’s colossal Baton Rouge plant and refinery, the 11th largest oil complex in the world.I suspect many of these liberals — Baby Boomers or Gen-Xers (like myself) — will find this vision of dating as a series of technologically facilitated one-off hook-ups with near-strangers to be pretty appalling. There's just one problem: In order for this reaction to amount to more than an old fogey's sub-rational expression of disgust at the behavior of the young, it has to make reference to precisely the kind of elaborate account of morality — including binding standards of human flourishing and degradation — that liberals have worked to jettison, in the name of sexual liberation, for the past half-century. This is the world we made, furnishing it with our mores, our freedom from judgment and consequences, our wondrous technological toys.Just because we arrived too late to "enjoy" it as fully as those who've graduated from college during the last decade doesn't make us any less responsible for it. Something higher, nobler, less tawdry, more deeply fulfilling and longer lasting than a life devoted to satisfying fleeting desires for physical pleasure and status.

And then there's the ego boost and endorphin kick that comes from an endless series of strangers pronouncing that you're desirable enough to f-ck. For a traditional religious believer, this sounds like the behavior of barbarians (which how Rod Dreher described it on his blog).Her doctors couldn’t figure out exactly what caused them.The sores were similar to the ones her brother, who lived with Sims and her family, had also gotten.Mile by mile, town by town, there’s another little cluster of poverty and sickness.Most of these small towns are poor and black and nearly all are a stone's throw from the petrochemical processing facilities that dot the region.

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