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The mathematical detail is not overly complex but it is complete and readily useable.The graphics are quite clear and cover in detail all of the explanations.The SDSS measures many spectra in a single observation: 640 at a time with the SDSS spectrograph (used in SDSS-I, -II and in the SEGUE surveys) and 1000 with the BOSS spectrograph (used in the SDSS-III BOSS survey).The SDSS does this by means of a , an aluminum disk placed in the focal plane of the telescope.All previous SDSS spectroscopic data (Data Releases 1-8), including all SEGUE and SEGUE-2 data, was taken with the SDSS spectrograph.With Data Release 9, we release the first data from a new instrument: the BOSS spectrograph.This 2007 book covers the general principles of spectrographic design, and the practical and engineering aspects of a broad range of spectrographs and spectrometers.

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Plates used by the BOSS spectroscopic program had 1,000 fibers each; plates used by earlier SDSS spectroscopic programs had 640 fibers each.

This is possible because the spectrographs are connected by fiber optic cables to an aluminum plate in the telescope's focal plane.

With this arrangement in mind, any SDSS spectrum can be identified with three numbers: SDSS spectra were collected by a series of spectroscopic programs, described below.

Each hole on each plate corresponds to one object on the sky.

Optical fibers plugged into each hole bring the light from the focal plane to the pseudoslit of the spectrographs.

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