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The Vicious Circle is Palmgren’s view of how humans become disconnected from their innate Worth.He believes that human worth is the capacity to participate in transforming creativity. Worth is the innate need for creative transformation.

In other words, they must not cling to their ‘truth’.

Creative Interchange – that can be lived from within but not controlled – is the creative process that will lead to a new Mindset, where embracing ambiguity and trusting the process are the new security and stability.

For Wieman Creative Interchange encourages people to sacrifice existing created good for the sake of newly emerging good.

One must cultivate a willingness to set aside present held values and open oneself to a creativity that leads the mind toward a wider awareness and a new consciousness.

The human task is not to contrive a better form of living based on present understanding but rather to set the conditions under which creative interchange may operate to expand our awareness.

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