Spycam chat

Particularly impressed by the quality of the footage and the sensitivity of the app. ***** :) Iphone 6: had an unwelcome visitor that wasn't getting the traps laid for it in the kitchen.

Sensing then capturing a bird in flight before it leaves the field of view is possible with Cam Trap .. This app left on over night hooked up to the power let me know we had a rat problem.

Only Flexi SPY offers Face Time Spy Cam, designed specifically for live listening and remote viewing on an actual i Pad Target device.

Brando's Spy Pass Card Micro Camera can capture still images, video and audio – and while it looks pretty sneaky, the part that reads "ID CARD" might give you away.

Cambush is a motion detector and spy camera app that records video automatically when it detects movement.

Perfect for surveillance, motion detection, security, pranks, or just recording what your pet does when you are not home.

In reality, odds are you already have everything you need.

Did you know that there are programs and apps available that turn a basic computer webcam into a full-featured spycam?

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