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As previously reported by this August, community activists in New York City have linked the increase of STD infections in their city to the steady decline of funding for publicly-run sexual health clinics, citing years of compiled data.

And other research has pointed to the still-ongoing proliferation of ineffective abstinence-only sexual education programs in many states; states that coincidentally tend to have the worst STD rates in the country.

Are you tired of waiting and feeling as though you are missing out? The intent of is to bring swingers with herpes together in one community, to meet one another, and to freely enjoy the swing lifestyle.

For the every day person, STD testing is the last thing on your mind. Things is, many of us are quite lax when it comes to prevention.

However, there weren’t any significant differences in the infection rates of syphilis or HIV seen among any group of men.

What isn’t in dispute is that STD rates in many urban locations are rising across the board — though the HIV rate has generally leveled off or continues to decline — in recent years.

Relatively little research, however, has looked at the specific influence of casual dating apps like Tinder, only released in 2012, on STD rates.

For those not familiar with this, it’s a community of homes where the owners are 55 years and older, and prefer to live a active lifestyle (golf, social, etc).We want to remind sexually active adults — especially young people — how easy it can be to contract an STD and the importance of undergoing regular screenings to protect their sexual health.”Tinder has since sent a cease and desist letter to the foundation demanding that these billboards be taken down for their flagrant misrepresentation of the company.“These unprovoked and wholly unsubstantiated accusations are made to irreparably damage Tinder’s reputation in an attempt to encourage others to take an HIV test by your organization,” Jonathan Reichman, an attorney representing Tinder, said in a letter to the foundation, according to the Meanwhile, Grindr has similarly stopped displaying the foundation’s advertisements on its app."We were surprised at the approach [the foundation] took, and paused the campaign in order to speak with them and assess our relationship," Grindr told the reported on research showing a link between increased rates of HIV infection and the introduction of Craigslist, a popular classifieds website, to new cities.They believe in the “old days” where such things weren’t necessary. You naturally think that these older men and women are just passing STDs within their own community – this is not entirely true. As a result, you are seeing a widespread non spoken about rise in STDs.

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