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At the Rock Creek Lodge Testicle Festival in Missoula, Montana, average people perform public sex acts on an outdoor stage. An heir to his story, to carry his name into the future. In a mansion once occupied by The Rolling Stones, Marilyn Manson reads his own Tarot cards and talks sweetly to his beautiful actress girlfriend. To leave behind some trace of himself—always hoping this trace is enough to take root and grow into something bigger.

Our technology for telling stories becomes our language for remembering our lives. Across the country, men build their own full-size castles and rocketships that will send them into space. Palahniuk himself experiments with steroids, works on an assembly line by day and as a hospice volunteer by night, and experiences the brutal murder of his father by a white supremacist. In the hotel ballroom, in those curtained cubicles, one person sits passive while the other exhausts himself. We have it all: the time, the technology, the experience, the education, and the disgust. They each sit at a small table, the curtains enclosing a space just big enough for the table and two chairs. An organizer guards the ballroom doors, checking a list of names on a clipboard. And all day, the ballroom at the Airport Sheraton is buzzing with talk. The conference organizer always interrupts at the best part of the pitch, where you’re deep into telling about your drug addiction. Your drunken dive into a shallow pool on the Yakima River. Maybe with a little more effort and reflection, you can live the kind of life story a literary agent would want to read. Our flood of books and movies—of plots and story arcs—they might be mankind’s way to be aware of all our history. All the ways we’ve tried in the past to fix the world. You Are Here In the ballroom at the Airport Sheraton Hotel, a team of men and women sit inside separate booths, curtained off from each other. Outside the ballroom, a crowd waits in the lobby, writers holding book manuscripts or movie screenplays. For this window of time, you’ve paid between twenty and fifty dollars to pitch your story to a book agent or a publisher or movie producer. This is something they’ve lugged around their whole life, and now they’re here to see what it will fetch on the open market.

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