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He tells us his wife is very supportive, though the first year has put some financial strains on their household.

“She can see that I enjoy my job, and that in the long run it’s definitely going to pay off.” “I think it’s going to provide a much better life for both of my girls. It’s been a tremendous experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to make a change and improve their life,” says Aaron. STEP is here to help and it’s something I’m very grateful for.” We had to let Aaron get back to work.

Het fonds is opgericht in 2013 waarbij de gemeente Amsterdam een bedrag van € 45...

Tijdens Dutch Design Week lanceert technologie bedrijf Aectual een terrazzo vloer met 3D geprinte patronen die duurzaam wordt geproduceerd.

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Before that, I was installing office furniture in government buildings.

I wanted to get into the trades and onto a better career path, and sheet metal worker was high up on my list…

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