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Girls are very forgiving that way." Besides, what's more important is the foundation: a pitch-perfect tone that's challenging, nonchalant and always loud, clear and pithy.

It also helps to have their body language: head held high, strong and confident -- and at the same time, displaying an almost professional sort of disaffection as well, with a shadow of a slouch and laconic, measured smiles.

The conversational starters on your videos work really well.

The entire Rip of to pick up girls,attract, seduce etc.

And yet, unlike 99.5 percent of the male population, they get phone numbers, on the street, of girls they have just met.More important, watching them had given us the deadly confidence that we could do it, too.Not long after, I was at a summer concert with friends when a Russian girl with beautiful gray eyes sat across from us. The Simple Pickup trio look like generic Los Angeles 20-somethings: Kong is 6 feet tall, with coarse black hair and broad shoulders; Jesse is a scrawny Indian-American with a toupee haircut, who likes pulpy orange juice and screenwriting; Jason is Caucasian, but with a Hispanic tinge, and has two nicknames, either "The Pudgy One" or "JDGAF" (Jason Doesn't Give a F*).Privacy is respected: Faces are expertly blurred, only area codes can be heard, and ancillary information, like the names of college buildings, are off-camera.While their conversations display a flow-chart-like efficiency, the trio's ample personalities are evident as well.

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