Surfer dating

They get crabby enough you want to throw them into the water yourself!

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But don’t worry he’ll be there every step of the way. Cranky Pants Have you seen a shirtless dude pacing up and down complaining constantly about how “shitty” the waves have been, or one that’s helplessly staring off into the flat sea or at the forecasts online?That’s a surfer that hasn’t gone in the water for a couple of days.I tell you these guys barf and fart surf talk all day: “solid 6-8 foot, double – triple overhead, clean and glassy, onshore – offshore, wind directions, tides, sets, pumping, barreling, perfect tubes..…” It’s like a Bill and Ted conversation, on repeat.You have to learn the language and everything associated with surfing if you want to understand him (and his buddies) and prevent yourself from wanting to slit your throat.

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