Symantec endpoint protection manager 11 x not updating virus definitions

Solution: USB hub devices are no longer blocked by default. If the Application and Device Control policy is specifically configured to block the USB hub, all child devices are also blocked.

Firewire device is incorrectly listed as "1394 Fire Wire Host Controller" Fix ID: 2336000 Symptom: In a policy component, the Firewire hardware device is incorrectly shown as "1394 Fire Wire Host Controller." Solution: The device text was changed from "1394 Fire Wire Host Controller" to "1394 Fire Wire Devices." Download Insight does not display a system tray notification Fix ID: 2427271 Symptom: When Download Insight detects a threat, there is no immediate notification to the user.

SEPM Configuration wizard fails if the SEM5 user already exists Fix ID: 2435859 Symptom: SEPM cannot reuse the existing DB user account when running a fresh install with a new SQL Server database.

Solution: Reuse of an existing DB user account is now allowed when installing SEPM and creating a new database.

In those versions you may consider manually copying definitions from an existing up-to-date client after installation.

"Remote host name" column is not present in the exported NTP Traffic Log Fix ID: 2513023 Symptom: The "Remote host name" column is missing from the exported NTP Traffic log. Solution: The "Remote host name" column was restored for exported NTP traffic logs.

Application and Device Control will incorrectly block a USB device when connected for the first time Fix ID: 1284681 Symptom: USB hub devices are incorrectly blocked and devices attached to the hub are not recognized.

Solution: Download Insight now displays a system tray pop-up notification to alert the user that a remediation is in progress.

When File System Auto Protect non-viral threat actions are set to Quarantine/Deny Access, Auto Protect always denies access and never tries to quarantine.

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