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Finger crossing is a gesture used to represent female genitals. Good, because you're not getting further explanation.Offended country: Japan What you think it means: “Here’s my business card.Kent bicycles roll smoothly over most terrain, and the company produces both road bikes and BMX models that can go almost anywhere.

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This allows riders to put more power to the pedal when attempting to climb hills or catch up to other riders.Kent bikes come in models that suit almost any member of the family, and Sears Parts Direct offers a variety of parts to keep most major models rolling along smoothly.Choose your model from the list above, click the chat button or call 1-800-252-1698.” What it really means: Thumbs up is sign of approval in the US and even eventually to Zangief, but it actually translates to “up yours” in other places around the world. Offended country: Pakistan What you think it means: “Solidarity, bro,” or to gesticulate how much you’re really enjoying this Avicii jam.What it really means: In Pakistan, a closed fist is the equivalent of an American giving the middle finger.

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