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Intended to unite the east and west wings of the hall, the effect is limited by the tower's Victorian design.He also reorganised the plan of the building, opening up Blore's central hall to create a two-storey atrium, as well as providing more ground-floor service rooms and generating twenty extra servants' bedrooms in an attic by modifying the roof.Early in the Second World War, Crewe Hall was used as a military training camp, repatriation camp for Dunkirk troops and a US army camp, becoming the gun operations headquarters for the north-west region in 1942.It housed a prisoner-of-war camp for German officers from 1943.Hearth-tax assessments of 1674 show the original hall to have been one of the largest houses in Cheshire, its 42 hearths being surpassed only by Cholmondeley House and Rocksavage, neither of which have survived.As depicted in a painting of around 1710, the original building was square with sides of around 100 feet (30 m), and featured gabled projecting bays and groups of octagonal chimney stacks.

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The hall remained the seat of various branches of the Crewe family until 1936, when the land was sold to the Duchy of Lancaster.

it is not the part of the 19th century restorer to reproduce matters which at best were the weaknesses of his predecessors. should not seek, by a clever imitation of bygone tricks of construction or design, to deceive the spectator as to the age of his own work, and so pass off the latter as something which it is not.

Barry's work is considered to be, in general, more elaborate and more regular than the original.

His fortune derived from his successful practice in chancery and other London courts.

He briefly served as Lord Chief Justice in 1625–26, but was dismissed by Charles I for his refusal to endorse a forced loan without the consent of parliament.

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