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She thought it was her grandson calling from jail needing money to bail out. As soon as I asked if I could research and call back he said sure gave me a bogus number and hung up.

Something happened to use but we lost 900.00 to get 7000.00 loan from Cashnetusa, this man claimed to be a loan officer with them very smooth talker, they tried to hit us up for another 100 for moneygram activation fee wow! I'm so embarrassed I can't believe that people will use the IRS to threaten people into giving them money.

Has anyone gotten their money back after reporting it to FTC ?

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When I returned the call they asked for a i tunes card for a registration fee.A lot of pharmacies also have all types of gift cards including i Tunes so that is where I went to get it because I go there all the time, they are my pharmacy, I felt they would be trustworthy because I was not going to do this online.Well, fooled me; people that see me a lot; that take money from me for prescriptions, groceries, etc; people I trusted let me get the card and after it had been paid for told me about the scam and of course they were not allowed to give the money back even though the thief had not been given the codes or anything.the scam happened to me as I was doing my taxes online; all of a sudden the pages were rolling and acting crazy and then of course someone who acted like they were with turbotax who I was using told me it would cost 0.00 on an i Tunes card to fix my computer.I was stupid I know but if it were not for trying to get my taxes done I may have thought about it more.

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