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All day long, teachers work to connect with students of all kinds of backgrounds, intellectual levels and work ethics. Date a teacher, and you won’t have to stress about the inevitable meet-the-parents dinner. Teachers adapt quickly, whether it’s welcoming new students or embracing new curriculum.

They meet with them a lot, and know how to put people at ease. Teachers can explain the same thing in a variety of ways until a point is made effectively, making sure that miscommunication doesn’t hurt the relationship.

Hope you enjoy standing around pretending to listen…She’ll bore you for hours about how she analyzed her data and her kids have learned nothing She will talk about the latest gossip between Mrs. Sensitive who won’t speak to her right now because she took all the copy paper.

She won’t stop talking about how little Johnny finally passed his multiplication times two.

While professions like banking and law don't score very high on the loveable factor, teachers, on the other hand, will have you, your family, friends and everyone in between, swooning. And because it's both their passion and profession, you better believe you're in store to learn some new and interest goodies.

That's just the kind of person who goes into the teaching field: the awesome kind. Your brain likes to be fed, so feed it with a teacher.4. From the day they enter into their first teaching job, teachers are forced to learn how to handle parents. So your younger cousins, siblings, nieces and nephews will also adore your significant other.5. If you spent six to seven hours of your day with kids, you'd learn how to take creativity to a whole new level, too.

”You’ve always dreamed about having kids of your own someday. Someone to twirl around and someone to play a little catch with in the backyard. With a teacher as your significant other, you will be reduced to hoping for a friend who will name you God Parents, because kids ain’t gonna happen.It’s a Sunday night and I’ve had an incredibly horrible day . Just right smack in the middle of something, she’ll get depressed or angry and never express why. It’s the dreaded day before you start again with your 32 rambunctious beings who can’t stop coughing and tattling on each other and then there’s that one who still hasn’t figured out your name and it’s December . She will leave you dead in your tracks to talk to another teacher for an hour swapping horror stories, common core speak, and exchanging of ideas. I felt like after my day & what I put my poor fiancé through, I should add to her list…so here’s my version: Every Sunday, about half way through the day, no matter what you are doing, her mood will change drastically.She will be so excited to see you all day long and then when you pick her up she will start complaining about how tired and hungry she is.Thinking food will satisfy her is just wishful thinking. aren’t the old neighbors across the street you grew up with. Dating one comes with it’s funny challenges, but teachers are amazing, dedicated, and passionate about what they do.

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