The game book on dating

Follow along and take notes as I break down some of my hottest Tinder conquests step-by-step.

Shelling out 0 for an e Book and video series is ridiculous.

This book takes you by the hand and spoon feeds you everything you need to know about tinder, how to build a kick ass profile, what messages to open with, how to go from tinder to text, and how to go from date to text!

The Ugly Dude Game – Tinder tactics for non-photogenic men The Snapchat Hack – Learn to use this seemingly worthless app to your advantage The Tinder “Moments” Bait Technique – Utilize this built in feature to catch attention and re-engage cold prospects The Old School Phone Gambit – Touches on using old technology to get her familiar with you in the pre-date comfort phase I’ve also included some stories and case studies that show how I’ve leveraged Tinder to spice up my dating life.

No, with this book you can skip to the section you need and start learning how to meet girls on Tinder tonight.

Also, this is the new and updated version because, as you know, tech changes quickly so I had to add new content when Facebook and Tinder tried to make it even harder for us guys.

Make no mistake, this isn’t a generic guide to online dating.

Masculine Profiles’ advice is specifically geared towards getting the most out of Tinder, using a method he developed over months of experimentation.

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I helped them improve two numbers: It got to the point where I was getting overwhelmed with private consulting requests and I’m not the type of guy to go around answering the same questions over and over. Until now, these Tinder hacks were only available only to a number of private clients I’ve been coaching for the past few years..97 – Hey, we all know that this stuff worth much more.When you have your first girl with a stripper body come over to your place and ride your brains out, only then you will realize the true value of this system.Hear this: When I do private Tinder consultations, I charge my clients per hour.They’re always happy to pay the rate, and to be honest they tell me I should be charging MORE.

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