The meaning of intimidating

Compound movements like deadlifts and squats are way more complicated than, say, bicep curls. So, if you find that your form starts to suffer on your last few reps of these bigger, more complex movements, your neurological system may have hit its limit, Trink says. The goal is to really focus on your form so that your body learns the proper technique as early on as possible.

Altering the weight and number of reps during each set (in what’s known as ascending, descending and triangle pyramid training) are all solid options, Dell says.Your neurological system will learn which muscle fibers need to contract and which need to relax.Plus, your muscles’ proprioceptors (which gauge how fast your muscles contract and how much pressure they’re under) will learn to adjust to the workload, Trink says.So, if you’re still struggling even with a full two minutes of rest time, you probably need to lighten your weight.Starting off with a weight that’s lighter than your max effort is vital to preventing injury in the beginning phases of your strength program, Trink says.

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