Three assumptions of radiometric dating

The ‘new atheists’ claim that Christianity doesn’t have answers to evolution. If you know how far something traveled and the rate at which it traveled then you can find how long it took.

This site begs to differ, with over 8,000 fully searchable articles—many of them science-based. distance = rate x time With radiometric dating we're instead looking to find the time (or age.) The formula would look like this: time = distance / rate So far they've been able to prove that the rate of decay is a constant so we've got one variable.

Next time you see dates quoted of millions of years remember that the numbers are not scientific measurements of time elapsed.

They are the result of big philosophical assumptions.

Next they're able to observe how decayed it is so they know the "distance" and have the final variable. And sure people will shout about the inaccuracies of radiometric dating but in every case I've found it's been the fault of the geologist/scientist/whoever and not with the process Hi Mason, Sure, if you knew all that information about your rock sample you could calculate the time.

But have you ever thought about where you would get that information from, since you can't travel back in time to measure it?

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Would it make any difference if the watch we were using was more accurate? You could talk about the tiny quartz crystal and the piezoelectric effect used to provide a stable time base for the electronic movement.The educational page hosted by the US Geological Society provides one recent example of the way radioactive dating is explained to the public.They focus on the technicalities of radioactive decay, etc.Those who promote the reliability of the method spend a lot of time impressing you with the technical details of radioactive decay, half-lives, mass-spectroscopes, etc.But they don’t discuss the basic flaw in the method: you cannot determine the age of a rock using radioactive dating because no-one was present to measure the radioactive elements when the rock formed and no-one monitored the way those elements changed over its entire geological history.

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