Triangle dating

I'm an intelligent, active, classy, professional, I am a fun loving caring person who is up for anything.

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We’ve also updated the original game and done some minor edits and a few name input details, but we made this to commemorate to the too-early update a few weeks ago!

Hope you guys enjoy it and have a fun and safe Halloween! And lmao no there won’t be smut, but there WILL be things like some language, minor adult things, dirty jokes… There’s also an actual rating on the game over on Game Jolt, shown here: Ahhh thanks so much!!

The dater then asks the suitors questions which they must answer while hooked up to a lie detector, nicknamed the "Trustbuster".

The dater is shown what the future will hold with each of the suitors, including their financial situation and what their child might look like, before deciding who to keep and who to let go.

The episode begins by discussing secrets of each of the suitors' past.

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featuring a dater and two suitors, with the suitors often having vastly different lifestyles and personalities.

The dater and the suitor who was chosen win a vacation as a grand prize.

Kelly Goode, former Senior Vice President of Programming for GSN, cited the success of the network's other dating and relationship shows Baggage and The Newlywed Game as promising signs for Love Triangle to succeed.

Tbh I hope it ends up looking BETTER after the next update XD Since not all the things in the game are made by the dev team, there are still some things I need to change (like the bgs, for example) so HOPEFULLY I can get that fixed up! That GIF THO OMG XDD AND BILL’S CAT CLAWS I CANTAnyway thanks so much for the fanart and I’m glad you enjoyed it!!

Im glad you enjoyed it and look forward to the next update!

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