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Companies that sponsor sweepstakes may not know about the extensive cottage industry that has sprung up around sweepstakes and other promotions, including clubs, apps, and various online resources designed to provide access to as many sweepstakes as quickly as possible.

Under these programs, by opening a new savings account or depositing a specified amount of money into an account that is already open, customers will have a chance to win prizes.

READ MORE As most readers of this blog know, a contest is quite different than a sweepstakes. The winners are selected at random and don’t have to have any particular knowledge or skill – just good luck.

READ MORE As most of the readers of this blog already know, a sweepstakes or contest that contains a prize, consideration, and chance may be found to be an illegal form of gambling in most states.

For that reason, it is important to eliminate one of these elements of gambling if you intend to create a legal promotion.

READ MORE The FCC’s Enforcement Bureau has brought a number of cases against broadcasters who conduct or advertise a contest on air.

READ MORE Our popular Thompson Coburn Sweepstakes Creator program has been updated to make it even easier for sponsors to describe their plans for sweepstakes and contests so that we can prepare draft official rules for them quickly and efficiently.

In a press release today, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced the adoption of new Broadcast Contest Rules “that allow broadcasters to disclose contest rules online as an alternative to broadcasting them over the air.” READ MORE The Federal Communication Commission may be on the verge of permitting broadcasters to present sweepstakes and contest rules online, rather than during the on-air description of the promotion.

The FCC’s agenda for its open meeting on September 17, 2015, lists as one of the two subjects to be discussed: “Modernizing contest rules.

READ MORE According to the Edmonton Sun newspaper, Nigerian-born Richard Mmah Chukwu, a resident of Edmonton, was recently convicted of implementing a multi-million dollar sweepstakes scam.

Chukwu was found guilty in the Canadian Provincial Court in Edmonton of using the mail to defraud and laundering the money received from the scam.

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