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Mariem was the woman who had been slow-dancing with Atef at my engagement party.'I called Atef and asked how he could do this to me and whether he'd used my money to afford his big day. A holidaymaker took a chance on romance with a Tunisian man 18 years her junior – because she thought she was dying of a brain tumour and wanted to “fight for her chance of happiness”.Switzerland - The FCO has also listed the European country as having a low threat from terrorism. “Amir was more worried than me.”Then, in June, while she was visiting him, Amir proposed.British nationals made 711,595 visits to Switzerland in 2014. The couple had been at the beach all day when he got down on one knee with a ring.The couple had to demonstrate they were in a genuine relationship, providing letters from family, friends, records of text messages, phone calls and letters to the immigrations officials.Kathleen said their lives were now perfect except for one thing – her infertility.

Clicking on her profile picture, I felt sick to my stomach.

Kathleen Khalili, 46, has now said it was the best thing she ever did – because three years on she is married to Amir, 28, and they live together in Inverclyde, Scotland.“I never thought it could be like this,” said Kathleen, who works for a phone company, claiming that she has her ‘brain tumour’ to thank for her marriage.

But, sadly, the couple are missing “the final part of the puzzle” – a baby – as the tumour has left her infertile.

Despite their cultural and religious differences – Amir is Muslim – and the age gap, a relationship blossomed.

She also clicked with Amir’s family, including his mother, Fatma, who in her 50s is not much older than her.“They welcomed me with open arms,” she smiled “My family were supportive too.”In April 2014, weeks after waving goodbye to Amir, she headed to Inverclyde Hospital to have the tumour removed.

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