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The group gathered at Conley’s apartment included her mother, who recently rekindled her interest in cannabis, and two women in their 20s, comparing notes on the men they met on High There, a dating app for weed-friendly singles. Conley and her co-organizers — Shabnam Malek, Chelsey Mc Krill and Isamarie Perez — met a few months ago at a local meeting of Women Grow, a national network for women in the weed business.But they wanted to create a broader space for women to share more than business cards. Environment for women “We have a lot to risk because of the roles we otherwise play in society, like in the home,” Malek said.At one of the group’s first meetings, a woman shared how she had recently visited a dispensary and asked a young male budtender if he had any strains to help alleviate her perimenopausal symptoms.The budtender’s jaw dropped — he could barely say the word.If you have made this dish, I would love to hear how it turned out!

As I have used a smaller-sized cake tin, the cake is taller and requires a longer cooking time.Tupperware simply appealed to the Martha Stewart in me, the part of me which dreamt of cupboards filled with colour-coordinated containers, neatly stacked and labelled so that everything had its own special home.I spent hundreds of dollars on plastic Tupperware containers, ranging from the practical modular mates to the cute carry-all picnic sets, and the even cuter apple and grape containers.As Californians prepare to vote on legalizing weed as early as next year, the ladies are quietly hatching two plans: to help women have more power in an incredibly lucrative industry, and to break through what some are already calling that industry’s “green ceiling.” While women are being targeted with new products in the booming .7 billion marijuana market, many female weed entrepreneurs are frustrated that their voice is muted in a business that — much like those in the original Tupperware party era — is male-dominated.Karyn Wagner, whose Humboldt collective created Sexxpot, said dispensary buyers scoffed when she pitched them the strain aimed at the female libido with the marketing tagline, “the flowers she really wants.” Ramona Rubin got similar shrugs from male buyers when she pitched them products from her Doc Green’s Healing Collective line.

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