Unline dating

More online daters report seeking a 'soulmate' online, and do so by searching through the wealth of available profiles.

The findings from the Davis-Fingerman study, then, should give a boost of confidence to those individuals considering a dating website.

Both the Pew and the Davis-Fingerman studies show us that aging is not a barrier to seeking romance, and that younger and older adults share many of the same goals and ways of presenting themselves to potential partners.

“Even into very old age,” Fingerman, also a gerontologist, points out, “people share the same ideas about what makes them attractive.” Thus, words that emphasize being “likeable” and “loveable” were seen in all dating profiles, from young to old.

All men have something attractive about them, and chemistry is more likely to develop when you quit obsessing over everything you think is wrong with him and find out what is right.

My friends say that I am a kind, easy-going, intelligent and very honest person.

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