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An Eligible Beneficiary is entitled to have online access to that account.

Quicken, and other software we may identify on the Website.

Authorized Representatives appointed using the Delegate Tools.

Access management tools we provide that help you manage the authority and access for some of your Authorized Representatives.

A participant in an employer-sponsored retirement plan or deferred compensation plan is not considered to be a consumer.

An account owned by a Consumer that is an Eligible Account.

updating a file random access in c-44

The term Website includes: In addition to this Agreement, you may have a separate agreement for each of your Eligible Accounts and Online Financial Services.

A cell phone, smartphone, tablet, or any other handheld or wearable communication device satisfying the hardware and software requirements we specify.

The term Online Access Process includes: The term Online Financial Service does not include an Eligible Account.

Each Owner of an Eligible Account, a person applying for an Eligible Account, any Shareowner Services Account, or Trust and Investment Management Account account Eligible Beneficiary entitled to online access, or a Delegate.

A person with authority to take action or make decisions on behalf of another person with respect to an Eligible Account or an Online Financial Service.

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