Updating abbyy

Retyping entire documents or parts of documents is time-consuming and waste of human resources.

ABBYY Fine Reader will convert your scans or PDFs to an easily editable text.

Whether you need to extract data from a paper document or add a document to a searchable archive, ABBYY Fine Reader will do it for you quickly and easily, saving your valuable time and staff resources.

You need to correct an agreement or a brochure, and all you have is paper copies of the documents or a PDF file?

This is ideal for legal materials, news summaries, research reports, and other key documents.

ABBYY Fine Reader is not just for basic text, but tables and spreadsheets as well.

You want to update last year’s marketing brochure with new statistics?

Found an old leaflet with interesting data or text?

For batch processing, it offers HOT FOLDER utility inside it (from GUI).Please note the part number in your program will be updated as #1074.16.I just bought abbyy finereader 11 copr to rund it from another programm, but i cant find any commends to be used for The software uses artificial intelligence algorithms to enable automatic classification and data extraction.ABBYY Fine Reader is an ideal tool for professionals that helps increase the productivity of your business.

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