Updating aircraft equipment list dating parker fly guitars

In our daily contact with thousands of aircraft owners and pilots, one major theme prevails.AOPA members are deeply concerned about the high costs associated with owning and operating general aviation aircraft.§43.9, Content, form, and disposition of maintenance, preventive maintenance, rebuilding, and alteration records (except inspections performed in accordance with part 91, part 123, part 125, §135.411(a)(1), and §135.419 of this chapter). §43.12, Maintenance records: Falsification, reproduction, or alteration. §43.17, Maintenance, preventive maintenance, and alterations performed on U. The opportunity also exists to save a substantial percentage of the annual maintenance costs associated with aircraft ownership.Many aircraft owners, however, never attempt to work on their aircraft for a variety of reasons.

As you read toward the back of this booklet you will find a list of sources to obtain maintenance manuals for your particular aircraft.We sincerely hope the information contained in this booklet will be helpful to you and wish you many rewarding hours under the cowling.Please read carefully the following 32 items that are permitted under the privileges of preventive maintenance and the short brief that follows.Probably the most common reason for pilots not to perform their own routine maintenance is the belief that the FAA will permit only such a limited amount of work to be handled by the owner that it is not worthwhile to even attempt it.In fact, there is a rather broad array of tasks that we as owners and operators of type certificated aircraft can legally perform without the ongoing supervision of an aviation maintenance professional.

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